FIA New Member Profile - Sernova Financial

20 March 2024

Member name: Sernova Financial

Firm overview: Post-trade services provider

Role in derivatives markets: Sernova Financial is a provider of cloud-based post-trade services with a focus on derivatives clearing, collateral and integrated risk management. Its single platform supports the full front-to-back management of ETD, OTC derivatives, repo, sponsored repo and collateral, enabling clients to benefit from a seamless transition to a clearing member. The company lowers the barriers to entry for clearing by recreating the shared infrastructure and service elements of traditional clearing brokers.

More information:

The text in this Member Profile was provided by Sernova Financial with the purpose of informing the industry about FIA’s membership and who we’re supporting with our work. Explore the full list of FIA’s members at For more information, please contact Myriam Condon at

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