FIA New Member Profile – FMX Futures Exchange

20 March 2023

Member name: FMX Futures Exchange

Firm overview: Interest rate derivatives exchange

Role in derivatives markets: FMX Futures Exchange is developing a stand-alone futures exchange for interest rate derivatives. Built on the successful Fenics technology, market participants will be able to trade cash vs. futures within the broader FMX ecosystem. Through FMX’s clearing services agreement with LCH, FMX futures contracts will be eligible for cross margining with swaps cleared at LCH, enabling margin offsets for clients. Planned products include SOFR futures and a full suite of US Treasury futures.

More information:

The text in this Member Profile was provided by FMX, with the purpose of informing the industry about FIA’s membership and who we’re supporting with our work. Explore the full list of FIA’s members at For more information, please contact Myriam Condon at

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