FIA New Member Profile - AsiaNext

12 March 2024

Member name: AsiaNext

Firm overview: Digital asset exchange

Role in derivatives markets: AsiaNext is an institution-only digital asset trading venue established in 2021 that offers listing, trading, clearing, settlement and custody. Headquartered in Singapore, it is a joint venture between Japan’s SBI Digital Asset Holdings and SIX Group in Switzerland. AsiaNext provides institutions with a secure venue for tokenising and trading a diverse range of securities and non-bankable assets. AsiaNext holds Capital Markets Services and Regulated Market Operator licences from The Monetary Authority of Singapore. As crypto derivatives are not regulated, the company offers this through a separate unregulated subsidiary. Notwithstanding, AsiaNext upholds the highest standards of corporate governance and internal controls across all its activities.

More information

The text in this Member Profile was provided by AsiaNext with the purpose of informing the industry about FIA’s membership and who we’re supporting with our work. Explore the full list of FIA’s members at For more information, please contact Myriam Condon at

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