FIA cybersecurity workshop explores risks of attack on data center

Market Technology division moderates its fourth annual cybersecurity scenario

26 January 2021

On 20 November, FIA's Market Technology division moderated its fourth annual cybersecurity scenario workshop. This year, the event was held via teleconference to provide social distancing.

Each year, the workshop presents a futures industry-specific cyber disruption that poses systemic risk to the market and to participants. This time, FIA presented a scenario where a domestic terrorist group attacked a major data center complex.

Representatives from major futures commission merchants (FCMs), proprietary trading firms, exchanges, clearing houses, hedge funds and key service providers attended. The workshop was attended by a cross-section of 34 industry participants, representing 18 FIA member organizations. 

The annual cyber event is designed to heighten industry awareness to the importance of proper planning and coordination of a response to significant business interruptions, and to identify additional resources that may be required to better prepare and facilitate incident response and coordination in the future. 

Download an in-depth report on the cybersecurity scenario.

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