FIA and FIA EPTA comment on European Commission’s Platform on Sustainable Finance draft

18 August 2021

FIA and FIA EPTA submitted comments to the European Commission (EC) call for feedback on the Platform on Sustainable Finance’s draft proposal for an extended taxonomy to support economic transition. FIA and FIA EPTA members largely and recognize the desire to further expand the Taxonomy regulation. However, FIA and FIA EPTA members believe it is too early to broaden the scope of the taxonomy too widely as the existing Taxonomy regulation has only just come into force and needs time to demonstrate its impact on the market. When the existing Taxonomy regulation has proved itself, it will be easier to assess how the Taxonomy regulation can be extended most effectively.

FIA and FIA EPTA are committed to supporting policymakers in ensuring the success of the sustainable finance project at all levels of the capital market ecosystem. We would welcome the opportunity to provide further background information to the European Commission on the issues raised in our letter.

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