China's FDL - Overview and Insights

22 June 2022


China’s Futures and Derivatives Law (FDL) is a historic development, being the first law in China regulating futures and derivatives trading at a national legislative level.  It establishes a legal framework for the development of the futures and derivative markets and introduces a unified set of rules that are expected to pave the way for significant changes in the market.

In this webinar on 22 June, we invited Linklaters Zhao Sheng to provide a regulatory overview of China’s futures market. In addition to addressing key threshold questions for futures clearing under the FDL and issues around client protection, they provided insights on licensing requirements and other issues around cross-border trading. We also sought their views on the broader implications of the FDL, including how market participants and regulators are expected to approach developments under the FDL.

Moderator: Tze Min Yeo, Head of Legal and Policy, Asia-Pacific, FIA
Speakers: Chin-Chong Liew, Partner, Linklaters
Simon Zhang, Counsel, Linklaters
Ying Zhou, Counsel, Zhao Sheng Law Firm
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