2020 business continuity and disaster resilience test findings

Results from FIA's annual Disaster Recovery Exercise

19 February 2021

Each year, FIA conducts a disaster recovery and business continuity test. In 2020, that event took place on 24 December.

In the 2020 test, between 92% and 100% of firms tested successfully across the various exchanges.  Representatives from 20 major U.S. and international futures exchanges and clearinghouses, participated in the 2020 disaster recovery test.  Representatives from FCMs, vendors/third-parties, prop trading firms, regulators, and other supporting entities, also participated. This included 44 FCMs, 10 vendors and third-party firms, six prop trading firms and one regulator.

As technology, cross-border connections and the general operational complexity of  our markets continue to evolve, the annual disaster recovery test remains a valuable platform for the industry to assess its response to potential disaster scenarios and share best practices in a collaborative forum.

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