FIA Training

FIA Training delivers valuable learning opportunities that cover important topics like market conduct and exchange rules. Developed by industry professionals, FIA Training helps market participants better understand the way markets work and the rules that protect them. Our online courses are ideal for traders, senior managers, analysts and programmers as well as sales, client services, operations and other team members. 


Build a Culture of Compliance

Easily accessible, online learning is more essential than ever. FIA Training makes it possible to deliver training anywhere in the world, any time of day. Our courses allow you to:
  • Develop a cost-effective training program.
  • Train your global workforce without taxing compliance resources. 
  • Efficiently train customers.
  • Enable learners to take courses as time permits and go at their own pace. 
  • Efficiently monitor course completion and keep records for regulatory purposes.

Now Available! Understanding & Avoiding Spoofing Behavior

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Understanding & Avoiding Spoofing Behavior

Spoofing has always been prohibited but never before has it received such regulatory focus. This course draws on recent cases to cover the basics of spoofing and how regulators are evaluating trading behavior. The course concludes with standard practices for monitoring trading activity.

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Key Regulatory & Trading Requirements for Eurex

This course provides an overview of select rules and regulations that govern the daily activities of Eurex market participants as well as the special requirements of the T7 Entry Services (TES) and the German regulatory landscape for derivatives trading. It also explores the trader admission process, reporting obligations and position limits.

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Safeguarding Customer Funds

Designed by NFA, FIA and industry professionals, this course helps FCMs meet the annual training requirement included in CFTC Rule 1.11. The course covers the basics of segregation, residual interest, investment of customer funds and recordkeeping, reporting and notification requirements. 

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Market Conduct Fundamentals

This course provides an introduction to the social and commercial importance of high standards of market conduct and the fundamentals of exchange rules. Learners then gain an understanding of key prohibited and disruptive practices, such as wash trading, front running, spoofing and cornering.

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Trade Surveillance & Regulatory Guidance for the Singapore Exchange

This course helps market participants understand and comply with key trading rules of Singapore Exchange (SGX). Each section provides an overview of trading behavior as well as insight on ways to examine potential trading misconduct and incorporate the guidelines into your risk management programs.

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Rules & Regulatory Guidance for CME Group Markets

This course helps market users understand and comply with some of the most important trade practice rules of the CME Group U.S. Exchanges. It gives in-depth coverage to rules on wash trades, pre-arranged and pre-negotiated trades, disruptive practices, block trades, and exchange-for-related position transactions (EFRPs). 

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Rules & Regulatory Guidance for ICE Futures U.S.

This course covers rules specific to ICE U.S. that will help market users understand and comply with some of the most important trade practice rules of the exchange. Topics covered include wash trades, pre-arranged trades, block trades, exchange-for-related positions (EFRPs) and disruptive trading practices.

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Exchange Trading & Regulatory Fundamentals for Electronic Traders

This course covers a broad range of topics critical to traders accessing the listed derivatives markets and those who oversee them. Topics covered include how the central limit order book works, trader IDs, order types and exchange rules related to pre-execution communications, position limits, test trades, self-match trades, EFRPs and block trades. 

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Key Features and Regulatory Framework of the London Metal Exchange

This course is intended to familiarize new and existing London Metal Exchange (LME) market participants with key features of the LME market and essential rules and regulatory requirements. Topics include member types and privileges, prompt date structure, lending rules, market abuse regulations, reporting, and post-trade functions.

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