FCM Comparison Table

A sortable table showing monthly data for all FCMs that report data on customer funds to the CFTC.

This table shows monthly data for each firm that reports data on customer segregated funds to the CFTC. The table excludes FCMs that have zero total funds, and does not consolidate affiliated FCMs. The Seg , Part 30 and Swap Funds columns represent the Total funds or Required funds based on the "Select Fund Type" filter. Click the sort button at the top of each column to sort the data in descending or ascending order. Use the "Select Percent Change" filter to choose monthly or yearly comparisons. If you have any questions or need technical assistance, please contact

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Disclaimer: The data in this report are collected from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.  FIA publishes this report for informational purposes and does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness.  FIA specifically disclaims any legal responsibility for any errors or omissions and any liability for losses or damages incurred through the use of the report.  Please notify if there are any errors or omissions.

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