Global derivatives markets function best when principles-based regulation can be applied across jurisdiction with as little cross-border friction as possible, allowing efficient price-discovery and fair competition.

  • FIA EPTA response consultation on the review of the central clearing framework in the EU

    FIA EPTA members believe that the Commission should firstly focus on opportunities to incentivise clearing of new transactions on EU CCPs as moving legacy positions to another CCP will create issues around higher cost and increased risk of closing and re-opening the cleared position on the market. FIA EPTA members believe that harmonisation of the different EU legal frameworks for cross-border activity would be helpful as EU CCPs require complex legal structures to ensure the enforceability of their rules in a default situation.

  • FIA submits comments on second reading of China’s draft Futures and Derivatives Law

    FIA has submitted comments on the second reading draft of the “Futures and Derivatives Law of the People’s Republic of China” (the “Futures and Derivatives Law”) to the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress.

  • Industry urges EU to extend relief for cross-border intragroup transactions

    FIA joined ISDA and four other trade bodies and wrote to the European Commission and European Supervisory Authorities to request they extend the current temporary derogations from clearing and margining requirements for intragroup transactions where at least one group entity is in a non-EU jurisdiction.

  • CEPS discussion - More time needed to build up clearing capacity in the EU 

    Getting the balance right on euro clearing could take a few years as the European Union works to improve the attractiveness of clearing and encourage infrastructure development in the bloc, a top European Commission official said.