Global derivatives markets function best when principles-based regulation can be applied across jurisdiction with as little cross-border friction as possible, allowing efficient price-discovery and fair competition.

  • FIA submits comments to CSRC on draft Measures for the Administration of Futures Exchanges

    FIA has responded to the China Securities Regulatory Commission’s (CSRC) consultation on its  "Administrative Measures for Futures Exchanges." The draft Measures are significant as they establish a unified framework and lay down common requirements to be adopted by all futures exchanges established in the People's Republic of China.

  • Cross Border: The Asia-Pacific Trading & Execution Landscape

    The exchange-traded derivatives industry has been influenced and shaped by various dynamics, regionally and globally. In this webinar, a broad spectrum of industry experts discussed how they are adapting to these forces and to share their views on future developments.

  • Energy crisis and euro clearing top discussions at FIA Forum Brussels

    The energy crisis, the sustainability agenda, and the European Commission’s focus on shifting euro clearing from London to the continent topped the agenda at FIA Forum Brussels, where regulators and market participants gathered to discuss the pressing issues affecting the cleared derivatives markets.

  • Q&A: China Futures and Derivatives Law

    On a recent FIA webinar, legal experts at Linklaters and Zhao Sheng addressed questions on clearing, licensing, and the extra-territorial implications of China’s Futures and Derivatives Law