FIA Staff Directory

FIA is organized into distinct departments that serve our members and the industry in different ways. If you do not find the person or department you need to communicate with in the list below, please use our general contact form.


Walt Lukken
President & CEO

Sarah Womble
Executive Assistant to the CEO and COO

Toby Taylor        
Corporate Secretary


Public Policy & Advocacy

Jackie Mesa
Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President of Global Policy

Bill Herder    
Head of Asia-Pacific  

Bruce Savage    
Head of Europe    

Corinna Schempp    
Head of EU Policy    

Kyle Glenn
Vice President, Government Relations (U.S.)

Christiane Leuthier    
Vice President, Commodities (Europe)

John Graham    
Senior Director, Regulation (Europe)  

Doanh Le Ngoc    
Senior Director of CCP Risk and Bank Capital  

Jean Pierre Salendres  
Director of EU Policy    

Maggie Collard    
Assistant to Head of Europe 



Allison Lurton   
General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer 

Yeo Tze Min       
Vice President Of Legal, Asia

Mitja Siraj
Vice President Of Legal, Europe

Michael Sorrell 
Deputy General Counsel, US        

Natalie Tynan   
Associate General Counsel, Head of Technology Documentation Strategy 

Beth Thompson
US Divisions Program Manager, Legal

Shonneice Jones
Documentation Program Manager and Executive Assistant      

Industry Operations

Don Byron         
Head of Global Industry Operations and Execution

Stuart Bailey
Vice President, Clearing Policy and Operations (Europe)

Stella Gan
Head of Operations, Asia

Tessa Jones       
Manager, Legal & Compliance

Staci Parrish       
Business Analyst and Program Manager-DMIST


Commercial Department

Emma Davey
Chief Commercial Officer   


Business Development & Product Management

Toni Vitale Chan
Vice President, Business Development    

Darwin Regehr
Director, Product Management

Abigail Kapustiak
Senior Manager, Business Development

Max Brown
Business Development Coordinator


Will Acworth    
Senior Vice President of Publications, Data & Research

Mark Hayes     
Vice President, Global Communications

Kirsten Hyde     
Senior Manager, Publications & Programming

Cameron Lane 
Web Operations Manager

Chris Mendelson
Business Intelligence Analyst II


Yvonne Butters
Vice President, Conferences and Tradeshows

Aisha Adams     
Senior Manager, Conferences & Exhibits

Christopher Brent    
Manager, Conferences and Logistics    

Sabina Hussain 
Manager, Corporate Events

Christa McCants
Conference Coordinator

Cortney Whitlow
Manager, Content and Programs



Elena Ziebarth  
Vice President, Marketing

Marlece Lusk
Creative Manager

Abdulkadir Hassan
Senior Marketing Coordinator

Benji Wilson
Graphic Designer

Eliani Lumbreras
Marketing Coordinator


Myriam Condon             
Vice President, Member Relations and Business Development

Courtney Patterson        
Director, Membership Data and Services

Nicolette Daleske
Manager of Database Operations

Tonya Murphy  
Manager, Member Services

Pauline Yong     
Director of Regional Projects, Asia-Pacific

Marijke Landon
Member Services Coordinator

Tahmina Rahman
Member Services Coordinator



Guy Sheetz
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Gary Herman
Vice President, Global Finance & Accounting

Steven Bradbury

Arvind Singh
Senior Staff Accountant - Revenue

Maria Jackson
Senior Accounting Clerk

Kyle Reed
Staff Accountant


Human Resources

Christine Townsend
Vice President, Human Resources    

Irina Clapaniuc 
HR and Office Manager (Europe)


Information Technology

Adam Kuhn       
Director, Information Technology         

Steve Proctor    
IT Level 3 Support and Industry Resilience Specialist



Joanna Mallers
Executive Director, PTG

Piebe Teeboom
Secretary General, EPTA

Lara Shevchenko
Senior Policy Advisor – Market Structure, EPTA

Rutger Vijgen    
Policy Advisor - Sustainable Finance & Digital, EPTA