FIA launches Exchange Risk Controls Repository

14 March 2022

FIA is proud to announce the launch of a central repository of exchange-provided risk controls and practices in global cleared derivatives markets for the exclusive use of FIA members.  

In consultation with member firms, FIA developed a survey that helps provide greater transparency and facilitates risk-control benchmarking for global brokers, clearing firms, trading firms and commercial and institutional traders. This convenient centralized source of information about exchange risk controls makes it easier for firms to expand the range of markets that they use around the world. 

In the survey responses you will find information on: 

  • Pre-trade risk controls – both general and configurable 

  • Market integrity controls 

  • Certification and testing environments 

  • Exchange website URL and email address for additional information 

We sent the survey to exchanges around the world. To date we have collected 20 surveys and the repository will grow as FIA continues to encourage exchanges to respond to the survey.  We will prompt exchanges to review and update their data on an annual basis. The data in these surveys is current as of the date indicated and is being presented as received by FIA without interpretation or verification. 

Please note: You must be logged in to to access the repository. 

  • Disclaimer: FIA publishes these surveys for informational purposes and does not guarantee accuracy or completeness. FIA specifically disclaims any legal responsibility for any errors or omissions and any liability for losses or damages incurred through the use of these surveys. Please notify FIA at if there are any errors or omissions, or for more information about the survey or how it was conducted. 

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