Frequently Asked Questions

Law & Compliance Division Conference 2021

Logging In

How do I log into the virtual conference website?
Registered attendees received an access email. From that email click on the conference website link. Use your FIA log in and password established with your conference registration to access the virtual conference.

  • To minimize firewall issues, turn off VPN connections. Use Google Chrome as the optimal browser for the conference site. 
  • Websites to whitelist for virtual conference participation.

Virtual conference platform

Virtual conference session viewer

Nothing is loading. My screen is frozen. What should I do?
When in doubt start fresh. Force close your browser. Restart your computer and start fresh.

I have forgotten or never set my password.
If you have forgotten your password, or never knew you had one, you can request a new password.

Does FIA send passwords on request?
FIA staff are unable to see saved passwords. Temporary reset links can be sent to the person for whom the registration is required. Alternatively, if you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password.

How do I change my password?
Passwords can be changed once you are successfully logged in. This can be done by clicking on ‘my account’ at the top right and then hover on the ‘customer services’ tab and select ‘change password’.

If you still have questions about event registration, group registration, and logging in.

Please contact FIA Member Services at

Virtual Conference Technology

What is the best technology set up?

  • Seated participation on Desktop / Laptop is recommended.
  • Use Google Chrome. This is the optimal browser for the conference site. (quick download).
  • Internet speed. Close out any programs you are not using, do not stream any music/videos. If it’s incredibly slow, check with other people in your household/office to pause any live streaming.

What if I use an iPad or tablet?
The virtual conference website is tablet and mobile responsive. Open your internet browser and go to

Can I use an iPhone, Android or other smartphone?
It is not recommended to use a smartphone to access the conference.

Will I need any additional software to engage in conference activities and events?
All program keynotes and panel sessions can be viewed within your browser window on the conference website. Meetings, roundtables, and boardrooms use the Social27 meeting tool, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or a meeting tool chosen by the organizer. You may need to use one of these tools to participate in meetings, roundtables, and boardrooms.

How do I pay my or my colleague’s event registration fees?
You can call the member services team to make payment over the phone.

UK team: +44 (0)20 7929 0081

US team: +1 202 466 5460

Other methods of payment are via bank transfer, details of which are provided in your invoice.

Profile & Privacy

I’ve logged into my account, now what?

  • Select “Areas of Interest” to receive recommendations on program, attendee connections, and sponsors based on your choices. View recommendations under “My Agenda”.
  • Complete your profile. Add your picture. Add your biography. Connect to your LinkedIn account.  Other details on your profile are automatically populated based on your registration details.

I want to change my privacy settings. What do I do?
Your profile is automatically set to visible. Your registration information has been placed in your profile to populate your account for the conference. Visibility allows you to be seen in the virtual conference and for other attendees to connect with you. You also appear on the attendee list. We encourage you to stay visible. Your profile does not share your contact information. Any direct messages you receive are within the virtual conference site only.

You can hide your profile by  going to "My Profile", and move the “incognito” slider in the top right to turn on incognito mode and keep your profile information private.

I want to update my profile.
Go to "My Profile" and click the pencil to update your profile. These are the fields you can edit on your own: First Name, Last Name, Title, Company, Bio, and LinkedIn Profile.

Please note updating your information here will not update your FIA Member profile. Please login to FIA’s website to make changes to your FIA account. Please contact FIA Member Services at if you need to edit your email address.

Agenda & Schedule

How do I build my schedule for the live conference days?
Use the Sessions tab to access conference sessions. Add live sessions to your personal schedule by clicking the check mark in the top right corner of the agenda card. Click the eye on the agenda card to learn more about the session. To view your personalized schedule, click the My Agenda tab.

It’s time for me to attend a live session, what do I do?
Go to “Sessions”, find the session you want, click the play icon for that session to view the presentation.

I missed a live session or couldn’t attend a session live. Is there a way to go back and watch the session?
Yes, all sessions are being recorded and posted for viewing in the original live session window shortly after the conclusion of the live presentation.

How do I view On Demand Sessions?
Pre-recorded sessions are available under the Sessions tab by clicking on On-Demand option. Scroll through the list of sessions and click the play button to launch the session recording. These panels are available for your view and your own pace.

How long will recorded program content be available?
Content will be available for viewing within the conference site through May 30, 2021.

Meetings, Roundtables, Boardrooms, Conversations

How do meetings work?
Use roundtables and boardrooms to conduct public or private meetings.

  • Attendees must be visible to join a roundtable or boardroom.
  • Go to the “meetings” section of the conference website.
  • Select roundtable or boardroom. Roundtables can host up to 6 participants Boardrooms can host up to 30 participants.
  • Select the meeting tool. Social27 offers a tool. Host can use their Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Or can select another tool of their own (i.e. Webex).
  • Set to public. Any attendee can join.
  • Set to private. Issue invitations to attendees.
  • Attendees can view public roundtables. Click join to save a seat. Click launch at the meeting time to join the session.
  • If active seats are full on a public roundtable, attendees can click view to listen to the conversation.

Will the meetings be recorded?
The meetings will not be recorded or accessible post event.

Can I send messages to attendees?
Select “Networking” from the left menu bar. Search for the attendee in the list that appears.  Click “Connect” on the attendee. Navigate to My Profile and click on “Connections”. Click the three dots next to the person you want to message and select “Chat” to write a message and send. The messages and conversation are saved in "My Profile" under "Messages".

How else can I communicate with attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors?
Use the "Chat" feature on the program and in exhibitor & sponsor areas to start conversations.


Visit the conference sponsors! Here's how:

How do I view sponsors?
Navigate to "Sponsors" then click on the company you wish to see.

What do companies provide?
Companies provide information about their organization, ads and videos to view, handouts attendees can download.

How can attendees talk to companies?
Use the "Chat" feature on the company page to share a question or comment. Company staff will reply. You can also use the “Meeting Scheduler” on the company page to schedule a time to meet with representatives from the company.

Can companies contact me as an attendee?
Inside the conference site companies can contact attendees by sending a message or requesting a meeting. Attendees can choose to respond to messages and accept meetings. These actions are contained to the virtual conference site and your individual contact information is not shared.

How can attendee contact information be shared to companies?
Attendees can allow their individual contact information to be shared to companies by clicking "Scan Badge" on the company page. By clicking "Scan Badge" the attendee gives permission to share individual contact information to the company for communication and follow up outside of the virtual conference site.